Glenn Morello Photography


glenn morello photography based in Hawaii


I was raised in central Massachusetts, far from the excitement of any major city, so hobbies had to fill my time. My first camera was a Canon FT QL, bought by my Dad at a flea market, and from then on I had the desire to capture the places I go and the things I see (even though I have since become a dedicated Nikon user). Creativity and art have always been my passions and I love combining photography with video, design, and other media.

My drive for knowledge has gotten me through a PhD (chemistry), but more importantly has taken me to many places around the world, from Norway to Australia and all the countries in between. Photography for me has become more than just a hobby. Always learning, always practicing, I strive for perfection in my shots, but I still remember to see things outside of the viewfinder.


Inspire Yoga, Tromsø

Skiltmaler Gundersen, Tromsø

North Kohala Community Resource Center, Hawaii

Cyanotech Corporation, Hawaii

Queen’s Marketplace, Hawaii

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